Mystical musings and colour by the sea
On Friday 28 September 2013, the official reopening of the Pax parish hall took place. To give some lustre to this important event for the Sacred Heart parish, it was accompanied by a vernissage.

Ostend resident Guido Verfaille (second from right) and Etienne Loyson from Orroir (Hainaut, second from left) shape the exhibition Mystical reveries and colour by the sea. The two exhibitors are surrounded by Eric Gaerdelen, chairman of the Church Factory and pastor Jozef Bekaert (right).
Painter Guido Verfaille presents work to the public for the first time in room Pax as a late bloomer. Guido’s friend Etienne mainly uses recycled wood for his art objects. His symbolic art is inspired by spiritual meditation. The pair stands by a work with a red heart at its centre, referring to the name of the parish.
Mystical musings and colour by the sea is accessible until Sunday 20 October, between 2pm and 6pm each time, except Mondays. Henceforth, the Pax in Schilderstraat will regularly be the setting for cultural events.