Etienne Loyson

I am Etienne Loyson and I was born in 1936 in Ypres, Belgium. I am autodidact.

For a long time, I was looking for that which lies beyond the material world, that which makes the world go round and creates life.
That is how I found a new “spiritual” world, waiting to be discovered.

I traded restrained freedom and attached love for universal freedom and universal love.
The interaction and exchange with this universal and spiritual world empowered everything with a new radiance, a new speed.

This is how the poems and the panels, made of old materials, came into being with their specific messages.
Becoming free of everything, free of myself, unattached, inspired me to create artworks that were not related to any other medium of art.

Certainly, there was an advantage to be raised with carpentry. Working with wood and being an interior designer by profession were beneficial.
Now anyone interested can look at and enjoy what was written and created.