The continuously lavishing Divine Energy
And the constantly sustaining, subtle light
Originating from the Universal Unconscious,
Is the source and foundation of these writings.
My search, was the path leading to the Light
But … the Light found and detected me.
The slumbering, dormant Motherly Energy
Awoke and spontaneously gave me the second life,
Without wishing or asking for anything in return.
When God is praised, venerated and worshipped
With utmost gratitude, with unspeakable contentedness,
With complete candour and dedication,
Then, the Divine Play of interaction and interchange, unfolds.
From the Unconscious, the source of the infinite
And inexhaustible inspiration expands,
Developing a play of manifold sounds,
Which are filtered by the consciousness
As small particles, then transformed into characters,
And moulded into words and sentences.
With grateful feelings to
Chris and Bert
These poetical writings
are illustrated by the author