The hidden messages in each panel
Are brought to a mental expression.

Like the formless can be transformed
and brought to reality.

These messages are made clear
and described
in the texts that are enclosed.

They talk about:
Love and compassion
Homage and veneration
Gratitude and advice
Symbols and courage
Direction and choices
Creation and evolution
Judgment and destruction
And also mystery

The inspiration, the ideas,
the power, the beauty,
the unequalled genius
in each of these panels
emanates from
the unblemished, pure
and inexhaustible source
of knowledge, compassion and love.

In yogi terms:
By the subtle connection
with the universal unconscious,
that which is higher.

“Like when the visible
and inner divine light,
spontaneously comes to us
as a favour and a gift
without us doing or asking anything.”

In this way, by the grace of the Almighty Creator,
the unconscious is unleashed as
an unlimited, lavishing energy
and by using this connection
averything is being moulded
and cast in its final form.

That is how everything is original,
unusual and unique.
it is not connected with any artistic trend,
it cannot be compared to anything.
the materials being used
are a whim of elements in nature
and did withstand the test of time
or … is it God’s preliminary work?

The effectiveness of the divine power
and the unlimited creativity
is only possible through
this unique subtle connection.
this is the reality of the old saying:
“The master above all masters.”

Then we realise that
everything is being done
and that we are merely instruments
in God’s hands.

All of these panels and the accompanying texts are,
sincerely and with utmost respect,
humbly dedicated to
the Divine Mother,

Her servant.

PS. Only in the real can the panels show their full reality.
The structure, depth, power and colour
cannot be fully grasped by a photograph.