20 Years  / 350 works

Jay Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi.

Dear brothers and sisters.

Around this time of the year, twenty years ago, ignorant and hesitating I started making the first piece. Why? Because in my head the same message repeated itself. This message was: “Take a piece of this climbing plant and arrange it on a board between two planks.” To get rid of the message I reluctantly made it. At that moment I did not realize where the message came from. I do now of course.

The piece of art was displayed on a freshly painted wall. It was strange and I did not know what to think of it.

My sister payed me a visit, pointed at it and asked: “What is this?”. I answered: “O, it is just something I made.” She said: “It is not bad you know.”

That is how the adventure of discovering and experiencing the unknown began and until now the end of it is not in sight.

I am very happy and full of joy to announce that the 350th piece of art is born: “Natural gemstones”.

Is it finished now? Is the production of these pieces of art over? I don’t know, but I have a Mother who thinks, decides and acts for me.

About ten drafts, inspired and worked out, are waiting. Every piece of art starts with the inspiration, followed by a draft which is also kept. Will this be continued? The great, unspoilt source that directs everything, that is above me and that I look up to, is the only one who knows.

What is it that supports me?

Patience? Do I really have that much patience? I doubt it. I like to go forward. But working for Mother is still different, it happens in another dimension and it teaches me to:

-listen beyond thinking.
-act without doing anything.
-act beyond the senses.
-act beyond thinking.
-act beyond time.
-act only on vibrations.
-act with discipline and attention.
-act with a lot of horse patience.

All the pieces of art have vibrations, every yogi can feel that. Why is it? Can I do that? No! It is the combination of the realised soul making the piece and his love, veneration and praise to the Divine. Then the vibrations are only the work and the will of God.

Am I very focussed on what I do when I make these pieces of art? No, not at all. Would that bring joy?

In one of her talks, Shri Mataji speaks about women coming back from the river with pitchers full of water on their heads. They are chatting and babbling cheerfully, but the attention is on the pitchers. She also speaks about a group of boys playing with a kite, having fun, making jokes, but the attention is on the kite.

Working for the Divine is extremely pleasant, it gives a lot of joy that leads to an imperturbable gratitude and blissfulness because one is allowed to work for Her, to serve Her.

Mothers creativity is unseen, limitless, unequalled and inexhaustible.

I do my very best to follow Her as an instrument. Only the will of God gives me permission, strength, energy and assistance to go on.

And … this way also a saying of Shri Mataji becomes real. One can find it in the old green mantra book p.37:

-“without meditation, you will be in meditation”
-“without being in My presence, you will be in My presence”
-“without asking, you will be blessed by Your Father”

I refer to this mantra book because, when in 1992 I started to read and understand the English text, I heaved a deep sigh. It seemed so abstract, impossible to achieve, impossible to experience in this lifetime … but now I have to speak otherwise.

Your brother, Etienne, Jay Shri Mataji.
Orroir, Belgium. 19-6-2019


1st artwork
The Germ

350th artwork
Natural Gemstones