6.To Mother

And when:
You ask Mother most humbly
To come in your heart.

And when:
Mother grants it through
Her tremendous compassion.

And when:
Mother warms up your heart
With her all pervading light.

And when:
You really are fulfilled with
Mothers Divine presence.

Then: Worship Mother with your love,
Then: Love Mother with your heart,
Then: Praise Mother with all your love,
Then: Please Mother with all your heart.

And when:
You surrender and dedicate
Yourself completely to Mother.

Then: Mother will never more leave you,
Then: Mother will stay with you and support you all the time,
Then: Mother spontaneously will open the way
to freedom and liberation.

006 – Belapur, India: Jan 2000 -Rev. 14-3-2001.

N 203 – Worship