46.Mother’s Consort

It was decided long time back “above”,
It was predicted long time back “below”,
The Almighty Mother, the lofty consort of
The Almighty Father, set foot on earth.
The previous era ended and the last judgment started.

And those who wanted to listen you forgave,
With your exuberant golden heart of love.
Through your endless compassion many seekers came.

Never so many accepted and recognised you before
And you, the Divine Mother took all those with a pure desire
To you in your overflowing heart, and this in all freedom.

And in exchange you gave us with open hands,
Your tremendous love that flows in us as the wind,
You gave liberation and the way to heaven.

What will happen,
To the earthly races created by God,

What will happen,
To those who are not interested in God,

What will happen,
To those who do not respect the laws of God,

What will happen,
To those who do not believe nor have faith in God,

What will happen,
To those who destroy the work of God,

What will happen,
To those who trouble and disdain God,

What will happen,
To those who follow falsehood against God,

What will happen,
To those who bring alive evil against God,

What will happen,
To those who lead the humans against God.

The work you do Mother, can not be done
By a human being. You travel around the world
With your divine message, from place tot place.
You are an indefatigable power, the harvest is hard
And not in proportion with the many efforts.

The omens of the wrath of God Almighty
Are evermore visible and perceptible in the
Nature and on the earth, excited through the evil-minded
Forces and the foes shroud in fine garments
Who try to disturb the work and vision of the Mother.

Your serious love and stimulations do not only teach
About the inimitable Divine Mother,
But also about the never incarnating Divine Father
He who is “God the Almighty”, extremely powerful,
The equanimous, primordial, immutable great Yogi,
He who is the “Greatest Lord” ever in a silent witness state,
He who withdraws the whole universe, within Himself
At the time of dissolution or destruction.

Mother we bow in all loveliness to the Lord of the earth
Who is ever in a meditating mood, his reflection
We feel in our hearts as sweet nectar and happiness.

All your devotees, Mother, wish and desire to pray together
By inviting most respectfully “God Almighty” and beseech
With dignified heart: “Please lend a helping hand
To dissolve the hostile forces and their kingdoms.”

But, Holy Mother, we don’t have the ability and
This knowledge, we know nothing about this protocol.
May we disturb the meditation of the three eyed Lord,
Can we endure the to us unknown, dazzling source
Of eternal celestial flow of his own light?

Beloved Mother, you alone are ever one with the Lord of All,
You alone possess the power to come in his light,
In the celestial empire of the God and Goddess.

Your splendiferous light that wreathed your countenance
Is the same of the Lord, but you brought it to the earth, to us
In a soothing form, so that we can behold you as our Mother.

Prostrated in the nearness of the most lovely feet
On earth, and the refreshing coolness of your noble presence,
With the deepest feelings in our grateful hearts,
We beg: “We would be pleased if you, our Mother
Bring over this invitation to the Lord, our Father”.

And the divine Mother complies our humble request,
When she saw the love in the many hearts of her disciples.

Through the destruction of evil kingdoms
And their supremacy, to the core of their roots,
When the humans are no more fed by this evil,
They take to spiritual life and are fed with love
Through Mother’s divine source of everlasting compassion
Then comes the desired and predicted peace all over the earth.

The wrath of God vanishes and blessings come
In the form of a golden rain of flowing love and light.
Planet earth, created by the power of our loving Mother
Who came into existence by the desire of our loving Father,
Is saved by the oneness of Divine Omnipotence.

046 – Orroir, Belgium 12-7-2001.

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