39.Mother’s Protection

Quite a number of lives were gambled away
In an immoral and impure style of life.
My line of life
And my path of life brought me,
Like so many times before that
On the misleading and wrong track.

The temptresses with siren voices utter
Slogans and big words as:
“Why not?” and “Freedom.”

The tentacles of the attractive
And tempting outside world
Began to have a firm and steady grip
On my frailness and line of thoughts.

Aware and surreptitiously I enjoyed,
Alas it brought me to a lower level
The demerits overpowered the merits
I brought myself in an inevitable disgrace.

An invisible sign
An invisible hand.

Threw me out of the line of earthly life and
Into the maze of the slough of illusion.
The unconcerned wheel of times
Kept me in its field of power
In a steadiness and infallibility,
Working out the scope of its duties
Guarded by a constant witnessing
Named the benign force.

The unprecedented invisible force, the All Seeing
And generous compassionate, affectionate
Executive power: the Doer.

An invisible sign
An invisible hand.

A new earthly human life was granted
Given by the grace of the imperishable.

The closed door of ignorance opened up a chink
A small light of hope came in
And did ignite the left over oil.

With this sparing light
The galleries in the maze became slightly visible
And I could avoid the manifold darns of the net.

But the demons who hated light
Did not like to give up and lose their prey.
The evil gangs were lying on the look out,
Sending exquisite maiden-in-waiting,
Unearthly bewitching enchantresses,
Masked, enveloped in sheep fleeces
And stretching out their taloned hands.

The temptations came more numerous
And my delicate light wobbled between
“Shall I resist?” or “shall I indulge?”
The will was there, doubted and was weak.
An ultimate duel was going on in me,
The time to take decision was there,
The impatient needle trilled up and down
In the danger zone,
Feverishly moving between merits and demerits
But gradually moving towards the light.

An invisible sign
An invisible hand.

Unexpected higher help came fast,
A supernatural excellency wrapped
Its mark in a wild deterrent
Blackish blue thunder cloud,

The devilish nature understood this sign,
Receded by reacting malevolently
And chose to hurry and retreat.
Dropping off with the tail between the legs,
The evil part receded and more light came.
The temptation went down like high fever,
Opening the way to liberation and salvation.

What was the riddle after this happening
In which I was unknowing and ignorant?

Who gave these invisible signs?
The supreme merciful Almighty Father.

Whose was this invisible hand?
The supreme loving Almighty Mother.

A new sign.

And the compassionate divine Mother came
With a motherly, affectionate heartiness.
Her holy and blessed hands took away
The strained web that covered my sight,
Filling up my empty and graving heart
With flowing love from her heart,
Which is the main source of love and light.

And with a compelling smile, a side look
Swiftly an obliging archangel
With a radiant flaming and sharp sword
Came and took place on my right hand side.
Swiftly an endearing archangel
With a torch of flaming living light
Came and took place on my left hand side.

A new sign.

And an enchanting Motherly voice said:
“Take care and give protection
Lead him into the land of his Father.”

039 – Orroir, Belgium 18-6-2001.

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