35.Mother’s Escort

After we paid our deepest respect
In all humility and complete devotion
To the greatest Mother of all the mothers,
She who filled up our thirsty hearts
Completely up to the extreme brim,
With her softening and stimulating light
And who blessed us all, time after time.

We came the long way back from a
Selected mountainous place of pilgrimage
In a southern country far away.

You Mother opened one of your
O so beautiful and splendid eyes:
The majestic sun appeared
In all magnitude and complaisance
To lead us and to be an eminent guide
Giving an unequalled lustre to your creation.

The blue-ish sky stretched itself out above us
Showing the endlessness of your creativity,
When some nebulous clouds approached
Trying to disturb and to cover
The splendid image of the heavenly sky,
Came a sunbeam in the form of a javelin
And smoothly opened the traced out way.

When suddenly a skilful invisible hand
Began to paint with transparent whitish colour
Figures, marks and forms in the sky,
Unrestrained and limitless,
Sensitively and artistically minded.

You, Mother, got the pleasure to make it.
We, Mother, got the pleasure to admire it.

Wherever our surprised eyes moved around
They appeared and showed up on all sides,
Their originality without equal,
In every measure, every size and sweet mood.
Strange birds with wide spread out wings
With artful drawing and detailed feathers
And painted according the clever hand
With beak open, closed or dilated.
Through Her presence, their ultimate protection,
They disappeared and appeared again in another form.

The invisible hand was indefatigable
An utmost beautiful drawn swan became visible
And was for a long time our dearest companion
Humbly flying long time on our side.
The richness of the sun was for this indispensable
And gave a higher value to this happening,
All kinds of veils appeared in all sizes.

The skilled hand with the magic powder
Projected a twisted woven shawl,
Of which the threads and pattern became visible
Forming an arch through which we passed.
Mother, this invisible forceful hand
Was limitlessly and uninhibitedly working
With your Divine unbounded inspiration,
You, the head spring of inexhaustible creativity.

You, Mother, found another way to express
Your again and again bubbling up love
And your unsurpassed style beyond expression.
Once more your living light blazed
A deeper humility in our hungry hearts
And with our growing love, will we give
Utterance of deep and sincere thankfulness.

In accordance with the wheel of time
You slowly closed your brilliantly open eye.
The sunset came over the earth,
Withdrawing everything out of the visual vision,
All the sublime visible and unequalled art
Ravelled out and dissolved in nothingness.

Later on you surprised and pleased us again.
Mother by your grace you opened your other eye
That came to us like a glittering smooth light
That drove away the sight taking hindrances,
Appeared as the full moon, took over the escort
And accompanied us nicely homewards
Like a light beacon in the cooling down night.

The moon took leave with a well meant,
Kindly and heartily home coming greeting
And continued peaceably on its orbit,
Eternally in the wheel of time.

035 – Orroir, Belgium 8-6-2001.

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