27.Mother’s Flower Garden

When the hindrances slowly enfeebled.
After a long phase without having seen the real,
And bereaved from an explicit attentiveness,
The utmost favourable transformation took place.

Only allowed by Your explicit grace,
Effected when Your sensible light
Came and unconditionally enlightened
My extinguished power of observation.

From then onwards I commenced to remark
Others things than following myself
And I disregarded the hold fast power
Of wordly attractiveness and diversion.

Then only my hoodwink tumbled down,
The blindness slowly faded away
And the mist before my eyes lifted up.

Your living light came in both my eyes.
Perceptibly I started to see with Your light,
Which reflected in mine, and mine in Yours.
Another dimension manifested itself
And I could behold an other world,
Full of real, charming dazzling light.

Situated at a stone’s throw,
An artful crinkling brick path
Lead me towards an unknown place,
Enclosed in a high hedgerow.
An interruption in the hawthorn hedge
Hid a small painted gateway,
Set in a solid dark oak structure
In the form of the rainbow,
With the humble superscription:
“Mother’s Flower Garden”.

An old reticent and obliging servant,
Opened the small gateway
With a soft creaky sound
As a well meant salutation.

At first sight, I stood perplexed,
As indeed, rooted to the ground
By the surprising orgy of colours.

The path crinkled further and further,
Split up in three different directions
And branched out in the enclosed,
Softly sloping overwhelming nature.

Timidly, I trod the tempting garden.
Mother’s Divine generous power
Was visible and perceptible on all sides.
Mother was here, in and with me.

All the different types of flowers
Of every kind and variety of feasible colours,
All various variations and gradations,
Forming an ever memorable colour palette,
An everlasting head spring of inspiration.

All the diversity of colours between
Green and greenish variations,
Lighted up by the sunlight and in the shadow side
Gave a twinkle in the language of the eyes.

And then, when at the first daybreak
The sunbeams pierced between two fogbanks
And lighted up the dewdrops, this lustre
Transformed them into crystal pearls.
This close up was bewitching and unique.

Many flowers had an unforgettable fragrance
Which predominant spread itself all over the garden.

All this Mother, demonstrates Your superiority,
Your insurmountability and work of creation.

The stone paved middle path brought me
In the heart of this select flower garden.
Behind a hillock arose a breathtaking rosary
In the form of seven winding and twisting serpents.
Their coiled and lifted up bodies formed a fountain
With seven proudish, water spouting heads.
This flowing, nourishing living water,
Fled and satiated all the parts of the garden.

An inviting caress for my eyes, was this
Paradisiacal spectacle of luxuriant
Flourishing roses, in every shape and mould.

When flowering off, a gust of wind
Spread out the rose leafs all over the land,
As a last homage to the Earth and Her Mother.
Then, at the evening twilight, when it began to darken,
The sunrays lightened up for the last time
And set the garden in fire and flame.
It was like a token of appreciation,
An evening’s salute and a profound bow
To the nature and the Grand Master.

Whose creative hand is it after all,
Which is unsurpassable and unbeatable
In living art and is beyond expression?
Whose hand?

The central point and the most fascinating,
Was the core of these various and several flowers.
There was the tangible love of the hands
That made all this with an overflowing heart.
Only an utmost exceptional, ingenious
Creative power, could procreate the mystery
Of living light and living life
And giving light and giving life.

Who brought to fruition the pure desire of God Almighty?
“The Good Hearted Divine and Artistically Minded
Divine Mother”.

027 – Belapur, India: 01-02-2001.

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