26.Mother’s Forgiveness

When the delicate needle
Of the infallible balance,
Which is the only judge
Between the obtained merits
And the committed demerits,
Came at a favourable point of time,
A cone of light touched me
And softly opened out the
Closed door of the little fountain.

This awoke a light which was asleep,
Deeply inhumed inside me
And gently set in sprouting.
It found its innate path
To the divine living light.

Only a vast and mighty force
Which was full of forgiveness
Could bring this about.

The clutches of the maze
In which I was caught,
Through my worldly path of life,
Lost their predominant grip.

All the shackles fell down,
The source of sensibility opened
And I felt the blessings given to me.
In Your superabundant love,
You stretched out Your liberating hands
And forgave me time after time.

These forceful hands unbolted,
One by one, all the locks and bolts
And opened out favourably
The heavenly treasure-chamber
Of the hidden holy knowledge
Which only nursed me
By changing my conception
And way of living.

Fickly and rebellious
Was the line of reaction
Of my restless inside,
Where I was my own rival,
Fed before by
Two old big comrades
Who became my greatest troubles

They tried out many vain endeavours
To win me over and bring me
To their respective domains.

During my many mistakes
It was Your hand which upheld me
And covered me with
The pure cloth of amiability.
Your forgiveness to me
Was once more boundless.

By the power of earnings
The needle of the balance,
Moved gradually and slowly towards
The nourishing living light.

All my errors and misbehaviours,
Committed knowingly or unknowingly,
You promptly forgave all of them,
You forgave without interruption.
Indispensable was Your saving hand.

Who handed this power
Of forgiveness with such a love?
The Divine Source Itself,

“My Mother”.

026 – Belapur India: 27-01-2001.

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