25.Mother’s Ocean

Tremendous and enormous
Was the emotional image
Of the dignified ocean.
The ancient field of the blessed
Ancestral habitat,
The country shelter itself
Behind the big coastal mountains.

A large plain stretched out
And formed a huge sand embroidery
Up to the sea level.
It was irregularly ribbed by
The foaming waves rolling on and off.

The cleansing river brought me
In its fairway to the shore
Of the enticing ocean.

The silence which reigned here
Was only broken off
By the rushing water.

The veil which covered my
Visual field, felt downwards
And I could really behold
The paradisiacal sphere,
Which was endless and peerless
In all its grandeur and all its splendour.

I saluted, and saw in all this
The masterly hand of my Mother.
Mother who showed me Her path,
She is the path in Itself.
Mother who showed me Her love,
She is love in Itself.
Mother who showed me Her compassion,
She is compassion in Itself.

A minimal motion of Mother’s
O so powerful hand,
And behaving in full humbleness,
Offering its full obedience,
The immense ocean came.
Its water loosened the sand
That closed round my feet,
Like in a well-meant and
Deeply loving embrace
And heartily welcome.

025 – Belapur India: 23-01-2001.

N 231 – Harmony

N 234 – Compassion