21.Mother’s Love

When the rays of hope
Touched the slumbering wick,
A sparkle of compassion
Awoke my quenched lamp
And spread with
The remained oil,
A sparing dim light.

Mother’s love descended and
Led my heart’s hunger,
Towards the true love.
This amiable Motherly love
Brought its piercing light
To all the facets of my heart.

Mother opened out a new path
And I forsake the world of pleasures,
For an undying eternal love.

You came permanently in my attention
Blessed me incessantly, encouraging me
With such a deep embracing love,
Impossible to offer resistance.

Your good nature and kind-heartedness,
Became a fountain of love
You drenched me with a rainfall,
With the same value
As the drops of the ocean.

From where have I these merits?
Worshipping You became a play,
A play of energetic interaction
Between Mother and myself.

When I give, You give.
When I try to please You,
You Mother will please me.
When I try to love You,
You Mother are already there
To welcome me with
Your exuberant love.

Why? Mother. Why?

I feel the nourishment of
Your goodness and tenderness,
Your loveliness and sweetness,
Your forgiveness and gentleness.

You project Your genius ideas in me
And without doing anything,
It is there.

The way You like to be worshipped,
The way You like to be loved,
The way You like to be praised,
The way You like me to please You.
It is there.

There is no more “me and mine”.
It has become “Thee and Thine”.
What remains is “Mothers Love”.

Projected in Cabella in presence of Shri Mataji – Adi Shakti Puja 06-2001
021 – Belapur, India: 9-1-2001.

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