19.Mother’s Hands

Your hands, that You stretched out
The first and foremost time,
Bestowed on my insensitive heart
A heartily and cordial expression.
Not knowing that You blessed me,
Already so many times before.

Shortly after this unique encounter,
My unsuccessful search for
Knowledge and truth took a turn
And forsook the outside unreal world.
A new secret path became perceptible
Between the two extremes.
For me, a new spiritual path
To climb up to the house of my Mother!

With the slightest movement of
Both Your lovely hands,
You instructed, taught, corrected me,
Without cessation.

These hands that looked so
Simple and common, but
Punished me also, when needed.

With Your o so powerful hands
You fought the evil
That was deeply hidden in me,
To gain the ultimate victory.

Without me knowing, You helped
And forgave me continuously
With a tremendous compassion
And unfathomable love.

You my delightful Mother who,
With Your hands crossed on Your bosom,
Spoke so many times
The holy and hope giving words,
“May God bless you”.

Your love and patience
Lead me ultimately
Higher and higher,
Up to the day that it was allowed
To enter Your abode.

You my Mother smiled friendly,
Spread out Your amiable hands
And sweetly said “come”
And You raised me up to You.

019 – Belapur, India: 29-12-2000.

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