16.Mother’s Feet

A joyous enticing voice
Likely coming out of the immeasurable
Infinite and boundless universe,
Kept me in its field of power
And helped me in my helplessness.

Being an essential support
In worshipping the glorious
And modest radiation
Of Your shining complexion,

Your mercifulness descended
And blessed me gracefully.
A veritable rainfall surprised me
With an overwhelming joy.

I fell downwards and
Clasped with both hands
Your amiable lotus feet.

An intense transformation took place
When Your blessed hands,
Touched my bent down head.
A new dimension unfolded,
Which loved me, nourished me,
Consoled me, cheered me,
Nursed me and forgave me.

My humble request to You:
“Grant me please the boon
To become a minute particle
Of the pure golden chain, which
Decorates Your most lovely feet”.

Your presence is a blessing,
Your slightest motion a correction,
Your moving a cleansing,
Your walking a purification.

The ultimate final place
To put down my restless head,
And find release:
Only at Your Feet.

Given to Shri Mataji after Sahasrara Puja 05-2001 – Cabella.
016 – Belapur, India: 01-11-2000.

N 714 – Subtle

N 511 – Lotus Feet