12.The Mirror

I looked at the excellent gladness
And the strong and mighty radiance
Of Your visible and peaceful form.
Above and beyond the perceptible and
Imperceptible, Your powerful reflection was present.

Your face was the mirror of endless infinity
And I saw myself in this mirror of Yours.
A fiery beam of light came out of both
Your open eyes and touched mine.
And indescribable powerful vigour took me up
In this realm and wave after wave surrounded and Entwined me with tremendous all-embracing love.

This Divine force brought me higher and higher
In this leela, “where I was no more”.
Suddenly the reflection of Your mirror vanished And astonished, I could see a glimpse behind.

A delightful spectacle unfolded before me:
You appeared in Your sublime Golden Form,
That was hidden behind Your visible complexion In all its splendour, all its glory and all its grandeur.

Given to Shri Mataji after Navaratri Puja 10-2000 – Cabella.
012 – Belapur, India: 30/31-3-2000.

N 601 – Halo