Worldly desires
Which give a false image,
Which create illusions,
Which are misleading,
Which are unrealistic,

Can make you joyful, very joyful,
For a short while and disappear.
Because they are not pure desires
And are only a happening on the outside,
Creating self centeredness,
Discontentedness and self-destructiveness.

But! Desire for Mother’s love
Which is reality,
Which is nourishing,
Which is instructive,
Which is forgiving,

Can make you joyful, very joyful,
Not for a short while, but for ever and ever.
Because it is a pure desire
And a happening within ourselves.
It creates humility, knowledge,
Wisdom, peace, satisfaction and innocence.

008 – Belapur, India: 21-2-2000 -Rev. 23-3-2001.

N 237 – Bubbling Up