7.The Boon

You my supreme Lord.
You my excellent Master.
You my loving Mother.

You laid Your Divine Feet,
Your Lotus Feet,
Your Holy Feet,
Your Amiable Feet,
In both my open and longing hands.

I could not only see and feel Your Feet,
I could not only love and touch Your Feet,
But I could caress and rub Your Feet.

Where did I earn the merits,
That You gave me unconditionally,
That You gave me fortunately,
This bliss, this chance, this happiness?

You chose me and granted a boon
To meet You here,
To bow to You,
To worship You and
To touch Your Feet.

Mother’s Feet.

007 – Belapur, India: 11-2-2000 -Rev. 14.3.2001.

N 602 – Ever Hope