53.To the Lord and His Consort

Father and Mother mine
Father and Mother divine
I am implicitly thine.

Thee, my sole and simple
Refuge and support.
Please guide and lead
Please forgive and protect
Please have some mercy on me.

Let me feel Your presence
Let me feel Your love
Let me feel Your goodwill.
Your tremendous subtle love
And the immense penetrability
Of Your endless compassion,
That fills up the whole universe.

And in this conversation and exchange
Your glances touch my heart,
My hands come alive and speak
My head becomes a dawning fountain.

The living water
Of the ocean invites me
With endearing love
And the cool breeze
Blows speed in the sails.

And my boat floats slowly on the
Waves of Mother’s compassion,
Towards the lofty house
Of my loving Father.

He gives a place to rest
In the effulgent nearness
Of His sublime Lotus Feet,
Where I can express
My deepest respect
In all submission.
Prostrated in complete bliss
Dissolved in His oneness.

053 – Orroir, Belgium 17-2-2002.

N 713 – Cosmic Being

N 413 – Inseparable