51.Mother’s Blessing

When I pass by You Mother
And nod to You devotedly,
Then I stutter out Your name
Timorously and most respectfully.

Surprisingly, my name resounded.
Diffidently I asked You submissively:
“May I please come in Your nearness?”
And I fell down at Your lotus feet.

There came no audible answer,
But a really heavenly fall down
With perceptible raindrops,
Came from the gate of heaven
Touching my lower and lower bent head.

An answer that gave sheer love,
That rose sincere satisfaction
And an unshakable confidence.

You always responded with surprises
And made me clearly aware
That You Mother are ever there.
Never You gave disappointment
Ever with a large uplifting smile.

Your smooth glance made me melt
And allowed and invited,
That I melted together with this glance of Yours.

Your love and peace is so exuberant
So forceful, pure and innocent,
Ever You reside in my proximity,
Ever You tell me sweetly “come”,
Ever I am heartily welcome,
Ever lavishly You dispense Your bounties,
In Your unique, masterly advices
And matchless impeccable guidance.
Ever You accompany me,
Ever is Your presence tangible,
Never You let me alone,
Never for a moment or a while.

A strong proof of Your maternal love
Not only for me, but for all of us.

As firm as a rock, comes
Stronger and stronger the
Power of union and the power of attraction,
Like the string between Mother and child,
With an ever memorable victorious love.

A tremendous celestial love,
That overshadows all common loves
That dissolves into nothingness.
Only Yours, prevails and is eternal.

051 – Orroir, Belgium 4-8-2001.

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