50.Mother’s Attraction

Before You, with big awe and austerity
Devoutly I bow in deep godliness.

A little child took my admiration
When I saw the unlaboured behaviour.

And, Mother, a question sprouted
How can I wring my inmost self
Into the small heart of a child,
To learn how to love everybody,
How to be in an innocent carelessness,
Thoughtless, spontaneous,
With pure heart and love, so normal
Unconcerned about what comes or happens
Completely in unconscious freedom.

Mother You gave the small children
Such a relief and attractiveness,
That makes them always return
Even after a blame or punishment,
Or even after a weep or a tear
They are not worried at all
And return innocently and carelessly.

What is this power of attraction
In this child to You, that lacks in me,
Is it the feeling from heart to heart?

When a child sees beautiful flowers
And after asking if it can have them,
Brings them happily and hastily to You.
How can a child be aware
That You like and adore flowers?

A child puts some pencil lines
And colour on paper, brings it to You
Saying in a very simple way:
“For You Mother”.
Of course a Mother’s diplomacy is there,
And She sends the child to its father
To show what it has made.
And both encourage it with love,
With a caress and some sweets.

What I would like Mother, is to become
An innocent, unconcerned,
Completely free and obedient child,
Swimming in the divine ocean of attraction,

050 – Orroir, Belgium 31-7-2001.

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