49.Mother Came

The earthly world was created
Took its given free course
Together with the peace and innocence
And the granted freedom.

The evil tendencies started to flourish
Luxuriously and there was no end to it.

Worshipping the molten calf,
Worshipping the sculptures of stone
And building the towers of Babel,
Were alas warp and woof.

The depravity was seen as human
And accepted in connivance.

The Lady of heavenly hosts sent
Many saintly and wise men,
Who gave their lives completely
Loved, instructed, taught
All those who wanted to listen.

Some followed a modest and honest
Style of life, in all trust and belief,
Seeking the truth to become one with God.

Many locked their ears and pursued
The false path of temptations.

And the misuse of inner gifts
Brought the created virtues,
Down to the lower earth level
Of humans frivolous behaviour.

Noble and allowed actions
Given by the free handed creator,
Were transformed in enslavement
And led ultimately to self destruction.

The weakling was the valued prey
Of the malevolent devilish foe’s,
Who with unscrupulous self sufficiency
Rubbed one’s taloned and gloved hands.

And ultimately came the unexpected day
The demerits overpowered the merits,
The wheel of time took them out of
The line of life from this earth.

And the executive make mention of
Meek martyrs and glorify them,
They are loudly claimed to be
Victims of the suffering of mankind.

Is this the straight way to hell?
YES, but:

The allseeing divine Mother and Father
Saw what happened on earth.

The given freedom was tied on hands and feet
When the worst was reached, the better began.

The heavenly dwellers came impatiently
And organised a big meeting.

By observing the earthly races
That were in distress and decline,
The Mother Goddess, with a compassionate heart,
Unfolded an overflowing ocean of mercy
And Her mind fulfilled with the purest desire
Of Her consort, the supreme God Almighty,
Decided to take birth on earth.

And the predictions came true.

Mother opened again for all humans
The small door of knowledge ajar,
To bring us back to the source,
In the eternal flowing stream
Of sublime everlasting living light.

To the upper realm in heaven,
Where the divine Mother and Father
Together, with al devis and devas
With exuberant love and forgiveness,
Invited all humans to sit at Their Feet.

049 – Orroir, Belgium 21-7-2001.

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