47.Mother Cleansed

Pilgrims in a holy environment
We took a bath in the small river,
Which was incessantly, humbly flowing,
Coming from the chain of mountains
Surrounding the whole territory.

The bed of this winding river was
Sowed completely with all kind of boulders,
In all possible weights and measures
With colour variations between white and dark.

The balance was tangible
Of the hands that made this
With love and matchless vision,
As much the complete restfulness
And the reigning peacefulness.

The love in our non satiated hearts
Was fed with the love of the river,
The clarity and purity was striking
Through this quickly running river,
That sought its way between the erratic boulders.

The sunrays conspired, to bring
Their focussed light on the bottom of the river,
Also gave radiance, lustre and deep value
To the invisible creative creator.

The water was happy to purify
The boulders were happy to be purified.

Mother gave us the privilege
To join together and to rejoice
At the sight and the joy of nature.

The same river and its six branches
Were situated in our inmost self.
Through our own will we could follow
The course we liked, in full freedom.
Many roads led us to places of destruction
When we liked to follow the worldly pleasures
Or satisfy our clandestine desires
Nicely wrapped in seductiveness.

Up to the day we got in a horrible net
That we weaved with our own hands,
Out of ignorance and misbelieve
And brought ourselves in slavery.

Then came the day, we heard Mothers voice
In the breakers on the bank of the river,
To all those who wanted to be rescued.

Alas, alas not all stretched out their hands,
To take Mother’s reaching out saving gesture,
Many neglected and disregarded in disdain.
Mother forgave promptly and implicitly, all those
Who liked to be cleansed in Her river
Which contained unconditionally,
– The purifying flowing water,
– The purifying living water,
– The purifying flowing love,
– The purifying living love,
– The purifying flowing light,
– The purifying living light.

This nourishing water, love and light
Brings about a smooth refreshing coolness,
Tangible as a stream in our inside river.
Meaning the real union with Mother’s river,
She is the imperishable and undying power
Of giving life and making all things alive.

She alone as the Divine Mother brings
To all, Her own shining dazzling light
And shows with all Her love the path
Between the seething rivers in us.

The complete cleansing in this river
Takes place by asking, beseechingly,
In all love and with all due submission,
With an upright heart, for forgiveness.

Then Mother’s heart and compassion,
Lends a hand and leads us, through
All dangers and storms situated in us
Which are part and parcel of our life,
For the ultimate goal of our existence.

Only this river blessed by God
And manoeuvred by the will of God,
Brings us to the one thousand folded lotus
In the light of Mother’s source.

We become: our own master,
We become: the full spirit,
We become: the full reflection
Of “God the Almighty Father”.
We become: the full reflection
Of “God the Almighty Mother”.
God’s reflection is One
And in Godlike oneness,
Unchangeable to all eternity.

047 – Orroir, Belgium 15-7-2001.

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