45.Washing Mother’s Feet

The little children came hastily forwards
Between the many obstacles and impediments,
Having the privilege and opportunity
To wash the holy feet of their Mother.

What a unique chance, of which they possibly
Did not comprehend the genuine and deep value.

All the real and great saints in the far off past
Were touched at their feet most respectfully,
Because they were recognised as saintly,
Leading an austere and devoted, exemplary life,

In all love, obligingness and surrendering.
To help and save humanity from suffering,
To teach and bring the humans on the right path,
To the true goal of the existence on earth
Which means: to become the Spirit.

And what about the most holy and respectable feet
Of the divine Mother with all her powers,
Who came down on the earth.
Every footstep, every touch, is a blessing
This without any equal, it never happened before.

She, the primordial Mother of the creation and the earth
The source of love, compassion, innocence and wisdom,
What a privilege to have such a Mother among us.

She allowed and invited the children in all simplicity
To sprinkle water, to remove the dust of her feet,
This flowing water, transformed by touching
In living, healthy and nourishing water.

Mother by your implicit grace and favour
I saw this event with dignified and deep admiration.

And my humbly wish Mother, is to be able
To put myself into a small minuscule water drop
That, falling down, could touch as a caress
Your most noble and lovely lotus feet.

Bring about, by your mercy, a complete purification
And uttermost exceptional benediction.

045 – Orroir, Belgium 10-7-2001.

N 523 – Ganapati

N 603 – Willingly