44.Mother Transforms

What is to me, so attractive in You
In these divine, endearing, motherly features,
Is that I, despite many human endeavours
Can not turn aside my obstinate glances.

What is so irresistible, what is so stupendous,
What is so dazzling and blinding,
In these eyes of you that beggar all description.

Who is capable to describe in actual fact,
The intoxication of your celestial smile
And the effluence of your simple affability.

What white colour on earth can compete,
With your teeth, white as heavenly snow.

Your beautiful deep rooted darkish hair,
Unequalled up to the utmost end of the earth,
Is like a tie that protects your noble head.

And your domed forehead, beautifully formed,
Is enhanced with the colour of innocence,
This red bindi is the reflection of your light.

But when I like or wish to turn aside my glances,
I have to assure you, that I wish to be ever
In this abiding, in this movement of attraction.

This permanently radiating power of yours,
Which is the eternal and unborn source
Of everlasting flowing love and light,
That renovates itself continually,
Sends out many stimulants and various signals,
That I can absorb by your generosity.

A descending wave of light reached me,
Enveloped me in its inviting movement,
Granted and brought me in a state of ecstasy,
Where you took all the thousand strings,
Of the lotus flower in your holy hands,
Into the field of the power of your salutariness.

This unleashed a huge and turbulent breeze,
That fed me and found an outcome
In both my respectfully folded hands
And my venerably bowed down head,
Streaming back and ever turning back.

With an unending patience you eliminated
In an eminent style and with handiness,
In all virtuosity and extreme precision,
Those grow delayed and outdated things.

You cleansed my blindness with eyes open
With your unfailing working living water,
By removing spot by spot until it became spotless.

You gave me from your source of richess,
The purest light so that my eyes, could see
With the same light that flew from yours.
There was no more difference between
The light in your eyes and in mine,
This light transformed me permanently
Through your motherly anxiety
And spread a wave of flowing ambrosia
By purifying my humble awareness.

And I could behold an immense created world
Emanating from the main source of innocence,
Aroused from an unlimited divine proficiency.

My heart dissolved in your exuberant heart.

Now my heart is permanently in your ocean of love,
Now my heart is permanently cleansed with living water,
Now my heart is permanently nourished with living love,
Now my heart is permanently filled with living light,
Now my heart is permanently surrounded by flowing love.

This transformation in the purest innocence,
Originated from the distinguished Former;
His Highness, the heavenly Father.
Brought about by the primordial Power;
Her Holiness the heavenly Mother,
Transforming her children into heavenly flowers
And bringing them to the realm of oneness of the Creator.

044 – Orroir, Belgium 02-07-2001.

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