41.Mother’s Reflection in Meditation

Blissful it is, to be in your graceful presence,
With bent down head and stretched out hands,
In front of the all loving, the all powerful.

Selected lovely flowers are your ornaments,
Enhancing and beautifying your hand woven sari,
Your blessing hands and amiable lotus feet.

Your heavenly presence, Mother, transformed
Those flowers into living gems
In all the brilliant colours of the rainbow.

Mothers’ overwhelming mildness reaches me,
My heart melts in overflowing love.
And in full surrender, prostrated at your feet
Your mysterious smile hides the enthusiasm,
Your fairy-like sparkling countenance
Captures me in its power of attractiveness
And helps me finding my own limitations.

Your ever flowing living love is invisible,
Your ever flowing living light is imperceptible;
Your ever flowing heart tells me inaudibly:

“I am there.”
“I am with you.”
“I am in you.”

The amiable and good humoured Mother, grants
Always her goodness and good heartedness,
Always her good nature and goodwill.

And in your exuberant, inimitable play
You touch and caress my hands,
You fill up my hands with light,
But you also give me warnings
Through your unlimited compassion.

With your tender hands you touch,
With your sweet hands you caress
The thousand fold strings of my bent head
That you feed in the glow of your love.

Your breath and light bring about an explosion
In my trembling heart that only finds an escape
In the most approachable ocean of your heart,
That brings me then in the highest of heavens
And grants me a celestial state like never before
There where all the strings like one, bow to you.

Is this the proof that Mother is the main well?
Yes but she is more.
Is this the proof that Mother is the main spring?
Yes but she is more.
Is this the proof that Mother is the main source?
Yes but she is more, much more.

The most love giving Mother is the primordial cause
Of all created life and all that is living
And from all that is created so far.

I open my eyes after a long time
And they become absorbed in yours,
I completely lose myself in this endless depth,
That is not a depth but infinity
And far beyond infinity.

All forms of duality and separation
Still lingering, dissolve and vanish.

The inner source of your innocent light, unlocks
The inner source of your purest light, opens
Your loving heart, nourishes my longing heart.
The light of your heart reflects in my satiated heart.

There comes an interaction
There comes an interchange
Between the two hearts,
Yours and mine.
Your heart reflects in my heart,
My heart follows and reflects in yours.
The exchanges manifold
Faster and faster,
Reflection after reflection.
What reflects what?

Abruptly there is no more interaction,
There is no more exchange,
Only one reflection stays:
Yours Mother.

041 – Orroir, Belgium 23-06-2001.

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