40.Mother’s Door

The real reason for human existence
Here on earth, but we may take it for granted,
Is to find in freedom, the spiritual way
To a higher realm named “the Kingdom of God”.

Infallible is working in the humans
The closing or opening of a small door
That gives admittance to a higher sublime realm
Where reigns the imperishable creator
Called the supreme “Almighty Father”
And the delightful “Powerful Mother”.

What shuts the door to this higher realm?

The door closes little by little, relentlessly
By an unbounded and immoral style of life:
Craving for and worshipping worldly matter,
Being bound by false freedom and illusions,
Making friends knowingly or unknowingly
With the six foes ever lying in wait:
Non appreciation and carelessness towards God, The negligence and lack of respect for the inner virtues.

By our actions, we weave with our own hands
A proliferating parasitic plant in the form
Of an impenetrable web
That covers and hides the single door completely.
Alas it brings indeed darkness and a blind ignorance.
This evil is made and fed by our own misbehaviour
That we give life and keep alive
And it gives us a wrong reflection of reality.

Impossible to open the door by human force
No other paths can bring you beyond this door,
Not by starving, extreme discipline or penances.
By occult, black and white magic powers
Or practices and activities.
We can only damage and harm ourselves.

What brings us on the path to this higher realm?

From when do we start seeking the truth
And have a deep desire to find out
What is behind this locked door?
When do we really start searching for a higher life?

Then comes the Divine Mother herself
With all love, all compassion, all forgiveness.

And with her Motherly powerful hands
She softly opens the locked door a little bit ajar
And with a generous heart she grants free passage
To everybody without any exception.

Those who seek the light find it
And when they ask Mother gently
They get the light and feel it.

The holy Breath comes down
And fills up the empty places in their hearts,
The real proof that God exists
A real token of His Omnipotence.

And with his enlightenment and little light,
We can observe and slowly unravel the threads
Of the web that covers the small door,
One by one, when we grow in God’s light.

The Divine Mother is an eternal source
Of nourishing and refreshing love,
Gracefulness, mercifulness, helpfulness.

It is by recognising and worshipping,
The Holy Mother in humility and deep respect,
That She further, slowly and carefully opens
The small door, which is the gate to heaven,
Little by little, like the growth in nature
Following the pace of our growth process.

Continually more and more bright light comes
Which is indispensable in our evolution process,
And what we have built up in ignorance
We have to bring down by pure knowledge.
All the misinterpretations of human love
We have to bring to eternal Divine love.

Mothers Lotus Feet have made the tracks
We have to follow the marks of Her Feet.

Your loving heart Mother, transformed the noise
And brought silence, peace and protection
In our longing and desirous hearts.
Going through this door is the only way to rise,
To grow and to come out of the past.

When we have true belief and dedication
Then will the Divine Mother be our guide,
To lead us on the right path towards heaven
Back to the house of the Almighty Father.

Look at the flowers everywhere in nature,
See the lotuses coming up in filthy water and mud,
They are so pure, so innocent and so beautiful
They really get themselves ready to please their Mother.

We have to become like those flowers
To please our own Mother who gave us the light
With open arms, without asking anything.

That is the way to become a child of a Great Mother,
It can only happen through this door.

040 – Orroir, Belgium 22.06.2001.

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