38.Mother Instructs

Three disciplines opened my eyes
By working in Mother’s flower garden,
Where three small so called insignificant
Insects surprisingly took my attention.

Why did this happen?
Was it the desire of God Almighty
That fell and acted on me
And was worked out through the power
Of the compassionate Divine Mother.

Let us see by Mothers grace
The first discipline.

What are these obstinate, slight
And creeping hard workers,
That have the mother earth for
Refuge and dwelling place?
With a never wearing bustling,
Drudging and burrowing in the earth,
Uninhibited and untamed,
No obstacles can restrain
Their ever hastiness and intense speediness
Nor their attentive wakefulness
And peaceful collectiveness.

A very simple ant demonstrated
Me the way “zest for work”.

Let us see by Mothers grace
The second discipline

What are these fast flying,
Moving and buzzing harvesters,
To which the lovely flowers
Grant their extended hospitality?
They look hungry and angry
Pushing each other while they work,
Impulsive and full of passion
Satisfying and obliging their queen
Surrendering for the case
Of existence and surviving in collectivity.

A quite common bee demonstrated
Me the way “diligence”.

Let us see by Mothers grace
The third discipline.

What are these eccentric frolic
Whirling and winged enjoyers?
They play light hearted, innocently
The game of the given liberty.
Untroubled they appear here,
Disappear, and appear again.
Unaware they flitter up and down
And rejoice with elated joy.

They like to show the purity
Of their open wings that have
A super coloured and designed beauty.

A pure butterfly demonstrated
Me the way “detachment”.

Have also these very small creatures
Any gain by their short lives?
To me they were, by Mothers grace,
Instructive, teaching and remarkable.

And, prostrated on the earth,
I begged in full conviction
The most holy Divine Mother:

Make me please “zest for work”
Like the ant.

Make me please “diligent”
Like the bee.

Make me please “detached”
Like the butterfly.

038 –Orroir, Belgium 15-6-2001.

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