37.Mother’s Flowers

When the divine Mother breathed
Came along with the holy wind,
Flower seeds from heaven flying around
Falling down on the newborn earth
And spreading out in the four wind directions.

So came the flowers.
Innocently the decoration
Of Mothers far and wide stretched out
Greenish immaculate all covering sari.
They were like the enhanced precious stones
That gave pomp and splendour to her creation.

Born out of motherly power
They endured and faced
The spatters caused by mud and rain,
The violence and disturbances
Of the natural forces.

They did not give any reaction,
Gradually they swiftly followed
Their innate steadfast growing quality.

Then came the great expected day
The growing process came to an end
And the buds slowly burst open
Following Mothers inborn pattern.

The beautiful flowers came out
And, grateful to their Mother,
Immediately showed their own reflection
Of Mothers unending and undying living art.
A real eye opener was the panoramic sight
Of this real paradisiacal spectacle
Which unfolded an orgy of colours
A chromatic spectrum without a peer,
Producing alternated colour variations
For different times and seasons
And the sumptuous lasting, blooming
Ever constant and continuous,
Never or ever disappointing.

This is visible and perceptible, done by
A pure heart and an artful hand.
Mother, the divine queen in Heaven,
Mother, the absolute queen in living art,
The hand of Mother is unequalled,
The hand of Mother is inimitable,
And her handiness not to imitate.

The enrichment by the help of the sun’s wealthy light
And the shine and lustre that this brings about,
Gives enjoyableness and freshness,
Gives lovableness and brightness,
Gives liveliness and cheerfulness.

And the O so sweet scented
Perfume that Mother to our
Surprise, knowingly hid in it
In her humble secretly style.

Above all and in complete purity
These beautifully equilibrated petals
With unique colour gradations,
The well formed calyx and sheets
Invited all sorts of insects
With their tempting and sensitive pistils.

With an unparalleled attractiveness
With the greatest happiness they opened
In all contentedness their innermost heart.

They gave complete love and peace,
They gave complete sympathy and dignity,
They gave complete pleasingness and pleasure,
They gave complete respect and affection

Ask for their purity,
Ask for their humility,
Ask for their innocence.
Wish to become a flower,
Wish to be a flower,
A flower on Mothers crown.

037 – Orroir, Belgium 13-6-2001.

N 1 – The Germ

N 3 – Flowering

N 17 – The Growth