36.Mother’s Heart

One of the stars was chosen with care
Out of the stupendous and immeasurable constellation,
To become a planet with a selected habitat
And a receptacle for God’s creation,
The name “earth” was given.

And the motherly heart of the Devi, that owns and Controls all the powers without exception,
Transmitted the new born “earth” carefully
In a reserved and fixed orbit between
The two supervisors and new companions,
The inexhaustible an inextinguishable sun
And the continuous steadfast rhythm of the moon,
Which have the nature to heat up and to cool down.

Then started the fervent Devi with the golden heart
The embellishment of the naked and barren earth,
This notion was born out of the pure desire
From her supreme Lord, the Almighty God.

Eager angels’ hands wove a splendid large sari
Under the sparkling all seeing eyes of the Devi,
Who instructed the basic work of her immense plan.

Her beautiful hands radiated cleverness,
Her delicious heart was overwhelming with love,
Her immense compassion beyond description,
Her charming presence the pure essence of joy,
Her divine mastery challenged all imagination.

Then the Mother of the devas began her life giving work
In all rapidity, indefatigability and infallibility
The divine source of creation and inspiration,
The source of creative urge and creative power,
All this perceivable up to the imperceptibleness.

Devi’s preciseness was limitless,
Devi’s correctness was matchless,
Devi’s goodness was pure heartiness.

Did perhaps the delicious perfume come to the earth
When casually a drop fell from Devi’s unctuous hands?

The beloved goddess of flowers gave the
Heavenly wealth of the sumptuous colour palette
In all differing variations and feasible gradations.

Then the Mother Devi, under heavenly
Praises and the singing of the hymns of love
Performed in chorus by the heavenly dwellers,
Took the sari and wrapped it round the earth,
Which obligingly and submissively took the form
Of the undefiled, extensive large sari.

Then the Devi breathed, and a pure innocent wind
And living light came nebulously over her created work,
Her whole creation arose and came alive

All the gods and goddesses jubilated,
Elated with exuberant love and in complete joy
And in full devotion prostrated at her feet.

The Mother of creation, the Devi
And Mother of all gods and goddesses
Was pleased, and saw that it was good,
That as well the desire of her Lord and Consort
The Almighty God, Father of creation was fulfilled.

Then it became too much for her
Tremendous love and her large heart.
A tear escaped her o so wonderful eyes and
Fell on the earth, creating all the waters and oceans.

The wheel of time worked faultlessly
Blamelessly, without cessation, under
The divine command and power of the Devi.

Many, many centuries passed.

Until the crucial day came
It was heavenly decided,
The Mother with all powers came.
It was predicted on earth,
The day Mother set foot came,
The last judgment started.

With her deepest love
It was Mother who instructed,

With her deepest compassion
It was Mother who pardoned

With her deepest knowledge
It was Mother who taught,

With her deepest heartiness
It was Mother who civilized,

With her deepest sweetness
It was Mother who admonished,

With her deepest sentiments
It was Mother who warned,

With her deepest benevolence
It was Mother who punished,

O Divine Mother, your powerful hands
You freely reached out
To those who came to your feet
And could only be saved by your grace.

Which core of a loving
Bubbling up and large heart,
Would and could bring this about?

Only Mother’s Heart.

036 – Orroir, Belgium 11-6-2001.

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