34.Mother’s Face

Your living light came in my heart
And softly awoke godliness and the fear of God.
More light, with tenderness enlightened
Some of the many petals of my heart
Which came alive, prospered and started flowering.

Your presence and incitement, Mother,
Animated me to worship Your Feet
In full humility and with true belief.
Your Lotus Feet lay down in resting
On a fine cushion in pure natural silk,
Nicely enhanced with hand embroidery.

Beautiful flowers were part and parcel of the whole scene
And gave a higher value and prominence
To Mother who was sitting before me
In all distinguished splendour and magnificence.

Suddenly through an aperture in the curtains
Appeared, unexpected but heartily welcome, the sun
Which, together with me, liked to worship Mother’s Feet.
Its presence was honourable and teachable to me
And was followed by a sunbeam which masterly projected
Its glorious, glittering and centred light.

Not only and alone on Mother’s lovely Feet,
But it gave a special glare to the carefully
Selected flowers: they became like precious stones,
Radiant, brilliant and transmitting light.

And my sensitive heart, transformed
By Mother’s never ending grace and love,
Told me sweetly what it saw and felt.

The bright saffron coloured canas
Became almost transparent like Mother’s colourful saree.

The reddish hibiscus with pink coloured pistils
Got the same colour as Mother’s red sindur.

The yellowish hibiscus with deep red heart
Got the colour of Mother’s golden necklace.

The enjoying white hibiscus with dignified veins
Got the colour of Mother’s marvellous teeth.

The simple white, only one day flowering lily,
Got the natural white colour of Mother’s eyes
And trie to compete with Mother’s perfume.

A reflection on the natural silk cushion
Gave a lucidity far beyond description of
Mother’s extremely refined features
And the effulgence of the sun itself
Gave an unequalled, matchless and incomparable
Gloss on Mother’s delightful dark hair.

Through the eternal laws of motion
The humble and devoted sun
Disappeared out of the visual field
And in its trace, the sunbeam, the lustre
Faded away like a dew drop drying up in the sun.

034 – Belapur, India: 03-04-2001.

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