31.The Four Steps

By pleasing Mother: I praise You.
By praising Mother: I worship You.
By worshipping Mother: I love You.
By loving Mother: I please You.

By pleasing Her:
– Mother praises you.
– Mother praises me!
– Mother, praises you and me.

By praising Her:
– Mother worships you.
– Mother worships me!
– Mother worships you and me.

By worshipping Her:
– Mother loves you.
– Mother loves me!
– Mother loves you and me.

By loving Her:
– Mother pleases you.
– Mother pleases me!
– Mother pleases you and me.

When we please, praise, worship and love Mother Then Mother pleases, praises, worships, and loves all of us.

031 – Belapur India: 21-03-2001.

N 335 – Chalise