30.Mother’s Beauty

When I look at you
Humbly sitting before you
Piously with folded hands
And with bent down head,

I see your lotus like face
Of infinite beauty,

I see your sindur added to
Enhance your forehead,

I see in your sparkling eyes
The mirror of infinity,

I see your extremely
Enchanting celestial smile,

I see your magnificent
Radiant long dark hair.

A tremendous jump of joy
Takes me up and brings me
In your field of splendour,
I – me – my- mine is no more.

The immense ancestral ocean
Takes me up with open waves
In a innately sweet embrace.

I love you with my most
Noble-minded sentiments,

I worship you with my most
Generous and pure heart,

I praise you with my most
Magnifying and loving words,

I please you by singing your
Excellent hymns of praise.

A deep adoration and veneration
Led me by Mother’s unending goodness
In the superior inner world of mysteriousness,
Which was beyond impressionability
Unapproachable and elusive
It disclosed slowly its concealed mystery.

The divine play took place
Between formlessness and form.
Slowly and surely, one after another
The veils lost their “power of closing”,
The non transparency became transparent.

A twilight appeared vaguely, through
The carefully isolated veils.
There started a play of light forms
A superb play of light which came alive
Amazing – surprising – astounding.

The merits earned on deep devotion
By Mother’s love brought me
Beyond the perceptibility in the realm
Of the effulgence of the living light itself.

The play of white light became slowly
More coloured with a brilliant brightness
And overwhelmed me with pure
Beatitude in a celestial state.

More forms rose out of the formless
And gave a reflection of what is hidden
In the inaccessible realm of the gods.

A curtain emerged out of the invisibility,
In artful lacework made of
Woven and intertwined gold and silver pearls.
The open spaces in the lace
Filled with sparkle coloured dewdrops,
An unbelievable heavenly pageantry
That melted away accordingly
As the many lights became the light itself.

The mystery was pleased by Her performance
And continued its style of acting.

The likeness of the Divine Mother, made
In the play of this light its appearance.

Likewise, the colour in the light
And the light-intensity in the colour,
Transformed in the presence of the
Holy Mother who is the source of effluence itself.

And in this event Mother’s ravishing
Exceptionally beautiful most deep dark hair
Got a gold coloured radiation,
The play developed and
Blue got a pink glow, pink got a blue glow.

Mother’s eminent spotless, whole and
Entire countenance got a velvet-like
Darkish never seen translucency.

With fervent reverence I paid my
Most deep respect to the most beloved
Mother, the queen among the mothers
And admired her overwhelming beauty,
Which is far beyond the beauty
That so far had been created,
The source of all beauty itself.

You are me
I am in You.

030 – Belapur, India 17-3-2001.

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