28.Mother’s Son

From times beyond the reach of mind,
Immemorial and ages ago,
When most of the impressions of the memory
Were obscured and wiped out,
At the beginning of all historical happenings,

When the spoken word and sign language
Was the only source to transmit oral events,
Disclosure was given like this by a serpent:
“Go out and search for the knowledge
And this in all freedom”.

This extreme and strange message reached us
Through a small group of a nomadic race,
Asking for food and shelter.
Their loose morals and extravagant conduct
Opened out our eyes and unlocked our ears.
Astonishment and doubt arose in our tribe.

The confusion which undermined the senses
Was, that very few comprehended the message
About the inside and outside freedom
And our own inside and outside line of thoughts.
The ancestral tradition taught us,
The aboriginals, to respect the earth
Which was worshipped and regarded as Motherly.
When we followed the rhythm of the Earth
Then She gave Her Love like a Mother.

Our oldest spokesman and the counsel of the Fathers
Warned us, but we lost our head completely.
We neglected the inner voice of intuition
Which spoke to us throughout our conscience,
Which was related to the innate laws.

Unfortunately: in vain and hopeless.
Disagreements and displeasures started
And lay at the origin of the decline
Of our once so mighty and famous clan.

Many swarmed, spread out in search
And left the protection of the foothill.
Also for me the craving was beyond bearing.
A wavering slipped in my mind and thoughts,
Remorse gnawed at my heart
When I abandoned all my relatives
Who once were dear to me.
But the scream of the tempting voices
Got a grip and became intolerable.
And I commenced my quest towards the unknown alone.

Alone!! Alone I was not at all.
Something was there sometimes.
Someone was there somewhere.
Sometimes there was somebody.
Invisible – elusive – imperceptible.

The veiled hand came forwards.

The mirror of the outside tempting world
Did not reflect the real image,
But camouflaged inside what we wanted to see,
Under the mask of friendship and charming eyes.
There was false hope, false depiction
And the misuse of the seducing word “freedom”.
Dazed was I, and I enjoyed.

The helping hand came and admonished me.

My inside world was weak and no more noticeable.
All that was innate crowded to the background.
All the sense of morality and modesty had faded away
And the living light given by Mother Earth had vanquished.

The helping hand came and warned me.

I was shackled up in the claws of freedom
As well as secretly enjoying the earthly temptations.
Cunning know-alls gave a misleading sham
Of the reality, that became unrealistic.

The patient hand patted my shoulder:

Why not, why not, was the cry of freedom.
It was alas the path towards harmfulness,
Destructiveness and addictedness.

The corridors of the maze became numerous
And I got lost in a never ending movement.

The hand warned me: shun! shun!

The traditions led me to the immense wilderness,
With the ten hills situated in a beautiful landscape,
In pilgrimage to the famous holy places.
The traditions showed me the astoundingly
Red marks, scattered all over the entire world.
My ultimate weak light no more recognized the real light.

The hand hesitated, but not the power behind it.

For some considerable time, in this false freedom,
I was ignorant and patiently busy weaving,
With an invisible thread and an invisible needle,
An invisible net, which invisibly fully clothed me
In complete illusions of this outside world.
I made myself my own prisoner.

And the gentle hand caressed me.

Suddenly I felt remorse and had enough of it.
With full faith and full conviction I prayed,
Like in my childhood, to the Mother Earth.
I started to pay attention to the Nobel Rescuer
Who was all the time there with me and that I had,
Until then, neglected and failed to appreciate.

“How could You for such a long time
Tolerate my misbehaviour?”
All resistance broke and I became free of the past.

The hands vanished and then came back.

Two hands full of light, living light.
The chains opened and fell downwards.
The darns of the net unravelled one after another
And liberated me from the worldly fanciful freedom.

The eternal source of living light itself,
The Divine Mother and ruler of the Universes,
With an overflowing and loving heart,
Granted a boon by sending
Her innocent and obedient son,
In the form of a sweet child.

His hand saved me time after time.
His tolerance and peace was worthy to follow.
His love and compassion was worthy to imitate.
His patience and readiness was worthy to remember.

His hand took my hand and He said:
“Come to Mother’s House”.

028 – Belapur, India: 08-02-2001.

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