24.Mother’s Compassion

When Your enlightened light,
Had not yet come down to me
I was caught in the tentacles,
Of the eternal laws of karma
And I became the slave of
The to me given liberty.

The reflective effect
Of a small sunbeam,
Fell on a grain of sand
And struck me as
A token of Your compassion.

“Search for the light.”
Sounded the message.

I followed many roundabout courses,
And several more hidden channels.
Others were there to prove their light.
Some wanted to sell their knowledge,
But it was all false light and all falsehood.
I could not find the real light,
Which surpassed every common light.

Desperately I prayed to You,
The to me unknown and nameless God, asking:
“Please show any compassion on me”.
And the day came that
A wave of grace touched me,
And the O so honoured light came as
A token of Your compassion.

“Follow the three forked path,
It will bring you to the real light.”
Sounded the message.

The path was scarcely enlightened
And arduous to follow.
Many obstructions and hindrances
Delayed my growth.
I deviated and got irritated,
Was restless and faithless.
I doubted and revolted,
Was anxious and capricious.

The light faded and rose again,
Many were my mistakes.

Through Your unending compassion
You forgave me time after time.

“Follow the central path.”
Sounded the message.

According to the progressiveness,
The enemy who was deeply
Rooted in myself, receded.
Light and ever more light came
And drove back and set
Aside all outdated shackles.

Softly the path became
More visible and perceptible
Through the many more lights.
Evermore the active love of
Mother’s immense compassion was working.
What would have happened to me
If Mother’s compassion had not been there?

“Come to me.”
Sounded the message.

So many indications showed me
Your continuous existence,
Your indispensable guidance.
Nothing was too much,
Every moment You were there.

All the tentacles disappeared.
The centre path opened up
And became completely approachable,
Wrapped in pure white light
Granted by Your Divine compassion.

Mother, You led me with firm hands
Up to the shore of the immense ocean.

And for the very last time
The message sounded repeatedly.
An inviting Motherly voice,
Which was pure compassion itself:

“Jump into My ocean.”

024 – Belapur, India 18-01-2001.

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