23.Mother’s River

From the most wildly
Rugged and desolate
High snowy mountains,
Unattainable and
Arose an enormous peak
Encompassed and
Tucked away by
Menacing and warning
Darksome masses of clouds.
Deterrent were
The violent storms and whistling winds.

Old time’s sayings reveal:
“There arises the source
Of everlasting life”.
“There reign the Gods”.
“There rules death”.

On the top of the peak
A little vein of water
Took its rise,
Afforded some drops,
Which utmost slowly
Set in the descent.

And became one
Of the most enormous,
Famed and famous rivers,
Grandiose and majestic,
Mentioned as “the holy river”.

It found its ultimate destination
In the immeasurable ocean.

In its run the river
Was beautiful and wonderful,
Murmuring and whispering,
Auspicious and melodious,
Nourishing and cleansing,
But equally violent and turbulent,
Crushing and destroying.

Mother, You are this holy river.
Your vital sap nourishes the humans.
You are the living water,
Mother You are the invisible hand,
That leads this cleansing water
Through all the seven ports
Of the rivers situated in us.

But You also are the Motherly hand that loves us And the severe hand that punishes us.
The nebulous downfall caused
By this swift running water
Is a cleansing.

The drops of water which come
From the splashing up river
Are a purification.

The foam of a waterfall
Is a blessing when it drips on us.

The latest battle which is now going on,
Is the last judgement,
Against the foes of the
Lords of the seven ports.

With an iron-bound hand
You manoeuvre and remove
The evil which is deeply rooted,
The evil which is deeply seated,
The evil which is deeply grown in.
The river only cleanses completely
By complete releasing.

And when everything that breaks it
And restrains it, is left behind.

You lead humanity
To the permanent victory
To Your honour and glory.

Then the river in us quiets down.
It sweetly joins together
And becomes one with
The immense Divine Ocean.

023 – Belapur India 15-01-2001.

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