22.Mother’s Light

The moment of separation came.
“Shri Adi” The Divine Mother
Breathed, and The Holy Wind
Blew Her creation alive.

Mother opened both Her eyes,
The sun and moon appeared,
There was light everywhere
And the evolution process began.

To the earthly races was given
A Divine living light
And the promising invitation:
“Search for the knowledge in freedom”.
Through many human lives
They lost and forgot the ultimate goal.
This living light became weak,
Searched for a resting place and
Settled down in the sacred bone.

Up to the day when a divine sign
Awoke this dormant light.
Fulfilling the words of the scriptures
The Holy Mother came among us,
The divine source of all living light.

Your sparkle and glittering light,
Which threw the sunlight into the shade
And overshadowed the moonlight.

The One who instructed all of us
How to handle this light,
How to become this light,
How to give this light to others.

The reflection in Your eyes
Was this divine living light.
Let the light in my eyes
Become like this light in Yours.

You fed me with Your light.
You brought light in my awareness
And opened out gate by gate,
All the doors one by one.
And with Your living light,
You filled up the empty rooms.
Your light, Mother, was followed
By a smooth and pleasing coolness.

By coming in the last room,
When the utmost small door opened,
Thear was everything above earthly feelings.
A cloud of bright living light
Made out of lace work
In the form of a beautiful cloth,
Came gently and closed around me,
Took me up and brought me
From the heaven on earth
To Your heaven above this earth.

Mother breathed again
And the Holy Wind blew
Me back to the secret source
Of living light itself,
From where I came.

Given to Shri Mataji on Adi Shakti Puja 06-2001 – Cabella.
022 – Belapur, India 12-01-2001.

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