20.Mother’s Crown

Mother had assembled Her court
Under the vaulted arch of heaven,
Sitting on Her majestic throne
In the form of a golden lion.
Her Holy Lotus Feet rested on
An artistic carved footstool
Nicely cushioned in lace.

She was surrounded by devoted
Angels and loyal ganas,
Forming together a flower carpet
To give support to Her Lotus Feet.
A wonderful scenery in tapestry
Embellished the enormous space
Between the stupendous pillars.
All gods and goddesses gathered,

All gods and goddesses gathered,
Prostrated and obedient before Her.
Mother wore a beautiful woven saree

Mother wore a beautiful woven saree
With a splendidly composed coloured design,
Interweaved with gold and silk-brocade,
Superb finery, beautifying
In a refined manner, Her
Lovely hands, neck and feet.
The crown of glory that decorated

The crown of glory that decorated
The head of the Mother Goddess,
Was ingeniously developed and
Made of noble metals,

Enriched with selected pearls,
Polished and carved diamonds and
Other precious coloured stones.
Mothers ravishing subtle form
Was illuminated by its own effulgence
And gave the surroundings
An unidentifiable smooth white light,
Creating sunlight at day
Creating moonlight at night.

Mighty was the powerful radiance
Of this unique glittering light
Coming out of Her crown.
This was the reflection of the love
And devotion of Her children.

This awoke an enriched glow and lustre which
Gave a reflection on Mother’s Lotus Face,
Gave real value to the colours,
Gave lustre to the sunbeams,
Gave lustre to the plants and flowers,
Gave lustre to sunrise and sunset.

A messenger made his appearance
Without disturbing the serenity.
Unsuccessful and bad was the information:
The love and devotion of Her children
Were not directed to their Mother.

The crown became dully toned,
And the glow on Mother’s face faded away
Black clouds came over the earth.

A slight gesture of Her eyebrows:
Heavy rain came over the earth.

A tear appeared in Mother’s eyes:
Tempestuous weather came over the earth.

An angry glance on Her face:
A typhoon came over the earth.

A wrinkle on Mother’s forehead:
A great flood harassed the earth.

A simple movement of Her Hand:
An earthquake ravaged the continent.

Mother’s attention was no more
On the inhabitants of the Earth.

The wrath of the One God came.

All the gods and goddesses in fear of God,
Beseeched and prayed the Mother Goddess
With all austere and deep devotion.

The time passed.

Later, came another messenger
With very hopeful and promising information.
The inhabitants of all the continents
Took to spiritual life in mass,
Started to become dharmic and pure,
Collective, peaceful, and respectful.
A real recognition of the Holy Mother.

All the gods and goddesses jubilated
In joy, singing Her hymns.

The love of the One God came.

Sunlight appeared all over the earth
Mother’s heart granted Her love.
The desired peace came
Over the land and in the hearts.

The children were happier
Than ever before.
A rain of blessings came,
Giving prosperity and welfare.
The love and devotion of Her children
Rose above the rebellious evil.

And the crown spread much more
Brilliant, bright and powerful light
And Mother’s Lovely Lotus Face
Did shine like never before,
And Mother smiled.

020 – Belapur, India: 2-1-2001.

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