2.Mother’s Prayer

Mother by Thy Grace
And with my most deep
Respect for Thee,
Please transform me
And show me the way
How to love Thee
And how to worship Thee.

And please Mother,
Give me the knowledge
How to praise Thee
And how to please Thee
All the time,
By serving everyone
Serving Thy Lotus Feet.

And please Mother,
Take me away from
All things which are useless
And don’t have any value.

And Mother, (1)
If there is no more
Spiritual growth and if
I can no more serve
Thy Lotus Feet, please
Take me away, to Thee.

Given to Shri Mataji after Adi Shakti Puja 2001, Cabella.
002 – Puna, India 25-03-1999 Before public program with Shri Mataji. (1) 14-01-2000.

N 220 – Angelus