15.Mother’s Grace

It was uttermost difficult to withstand
This penetrating power of attraction.
Again and again I lost myself
In these marvellous eyes of Yours,
Which are an indescribable
Utterance of Your august love.

The threefold stringed instrument
Excellently performed by You,
So lovely and well-balanced.
Annihilated all that took me away;
Annihilated all the multiples anchors;
Annihilated all the deep-rooted lingering things.

They arose a delicious and
Gratifying cool sensation.
In a masterly way,
Your lovable hands played further,
The delightful sevenfold symphony.

The divine eminence
Of this extremely pleasing play,
Awoke a heavy whirlwind
Of fast moving sparkles
And became an intense blaze
Enriching me with Your light.

Your mercifulness took me up
In its helical power,
Completely united with the
Inviting touching melody
And brought me through the
Arch of heaven in the promised land,
The most holy – the most high.
The celestial paradise of the Almighty God.


015 – Belapur, India: 31-10-2000.

N 326 – Upwards

N 243 – Nirvana