13.O Delightful Goddess

My most humble request to Thee:
I would like to be like these excellent flowers
That are lying under Thy lovable Lotus Feet.

They look so peaceful, so untroubled.
I too will enjoy with all of them
In this most desirable and unusual place.

Wondering and surprised I heard myself
In conversation with those admirable flowers.

They talked with utmost whispering voices,
With a waterfall of sweet laudatory words
To glorify, worship and praise, the Goddess.

With full humility, full love,
Full devotion, full dedication.
We gave ourselves and our lives,
Completely detached, to Her.

All this happened in a radiant gladness,
Spreading an odorous fine fragrance,
Under the most Holy Feet of the Goddess
That they supported and beautified.

Then they revealed their highly profound secret:
“We are the chosen Ganas of the Goddess
And Her splendid creation,
And we praise and please Her continuously.”

All together they asked me sweetly: “AND YOU?”

Given to Shri Mataji after Krishna Puja 08-2000 – Cabella.
013 – Belapur, India: 02-04-2000.

N 701 – To Parvati the Daughter of the Mountain