Available Artworks

Conditions, works of art only for Sahaja Yogis.
– those who did not get a work of art for free, can get one now.
– one work per family, a second one will have to be paid for.
– a free contribution helps for the maintenance of the website and for the transport
and distribution of the works. It can be done on:
ARTANDSPIRITUALITY BE89 3632 1978 7185 country BELGIUM.
– choose a work of art and send an Email to etienne.loyson@gmail.com with the
number and title of the work, you can check if it is still available at “Available
– the works can be collected at:
Etienne Loyson, Rue des courbes 37, 7750 Orroir, Belgium.
It is about half an hour driving from Nirmala House Everbeek.

Full list of available artworks below