52.Mother Invites

Hey you there,

Where will bring you, this frivolous behaviour
And restless fluttering about.

Where will bring you, this ungovernable looking
For satisfaction and ambiguity.

Where will bring you, this scrambling for possessions.

Where will bring you, this unlimited indulging
In impure and perverse desires.

Where will bring you, the path of faithlessness.

Where will bring you, the unnatural actions,
And the satisfaction of hallucinating situations.

Where will bring you, the constant neglect
Of the inward voice and virtue.

Where will bring you, the constant transgression
Of the inbuilt and eternal cosmic laws.

Why do you, believe in sensations and artificial things
Under the false mirror image of camouflage.

Why do you, follow the seeking on
False paths and alternative practices.

Why do you, take the liberties that are not allowed
And are bedecked with a nice cloth
With the deceiving words “Why not?”

Why do you, turn your eyes away of the real
To worship the unreal and the perishable.

All this leads you, with eyes wide open
Towards absolute blindness.

Why catch yourself in an inextricable
Net with wide open merciless grabs.

Hey, you there,

Please open your eyes and heart
The path of liberation is straight on,
But in the opposite direction.

It is very subtle, can not be grasped
Or manipulated by humans.
The higher path is far away from
Outside glimmer and enticing glitter.
The invisible subtle path is near,
But situated and to be found inside yourself.

Listen to the call of the Inviting Mother,
Only the Divine Mother with
The holy breath is the real one.

Mother’s breath gives an indescribable
Coolness in both hands and head.
Mother is easily recognisable by Her
Password and gives an inexplicable cool breeze.

Predicted and described long time back
In the Veda’s, the Bible, the Koran
And many holy scriptures.

Listen to her inviting call,
Then, Mother fulfils and makes true
Our longings and pure desires.
She guides, shows, leads and brings
Everyone without exception,
In full freedom, without any pressure,
Towards redemption and liberation,
Towards the subtle spiritual ladder,
That we have to climb ourselves.

Into the perennial and perpetual beatitude,
Into a realm where reigns God Almighty,
Where we can enjoy the radiance
Of His sublime dazzling own light,
This in eternal love and with eternal life
In the presence of the Supreme Divine Mother.

052 – Orroir, Belgium 5-8-2001.

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