32.Mother The Path

With most deep respect and affection,
In true meditation and admiration.
For Your oh so graceful, agreeable,
Most shining and marvellous countenance.

A piercing bright living light
Came out of both Your lovely eyes.
A glimpse of these beams of light, reflected
And unleashed a permanent
Exchange of glimmering sparkles
Between Your eyes and mine.

These unique Divine light signs
Touched my sensitive hands,
Pervaded my longing heart,
Drenched my thirsty spirit

Through and by Your grace I found
The most pure ocean, Your loving heart.
There I found innocence and wisdom,
There I found deep attention and love,
There I found forgiveness and compassion,
A fathomless and immense lake are You,
The one and only source and habitat.

Your paths help me to grow,
Your paths help me to rise,
Your paths help me to go deeper.
You Mother, You, and You again.

You Mother are the only path
And the small gate which brings me
From heaven on earth to Your
Real abode the paradisiacal heaven.

When in meditation and in union
With Your Almighty Divine power,
Your hands bring me between the two heavens
And having a look there is only granted
By Your benevolence and boundless love.
A charming and attractive play of
White and coloured bright light
Came slightly past the limit of perceptibility.

Mother, You nourish me with this light.
Mother, You alone are this living light.
Mother, You are the effulgence and effluence.
Mother, You alone exist beyond this light.
You, Mother the source of all light itself.

032 – Belapur, India: 23-03-2001.

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