18.Mother’s Saree

The most profound silence came
In my peaceable heart,
When I was prostrated on
Mother’s undefiled moss-green saree.
Which was dressed out on a
Sloping richly furnished foothill.

Rapt and in deep adoration,
Rapt and in complete happiness,
Fully enveloped by Thy
Undying grace and glorious bounty.

An innocent light played its leela
And touched the strings of my heart.
A firework arose and
Blossomed out as a swarming
Of bright, brilliant and
Dancing white charming lights,
Which themselves transformed
Into all the colours of
A gigantic and splendid rainbow.

A helical source of joy took me
In hits exalted divine dance,
Up to the empire of the One God

This vision faded away
And the vault of heaven opened out.
A wave of golden rain
Graciously fell downwards
And covered with utmost gentleness,
Mother’s immaculate moss-green saree
With the most fragrant perfume.

This rainfall was to me
A prosperous golden benediction,
A noble gesture of open-handedness,
Granted by my indescribable Father,
Granted by my illimitable Mother.

018 – Belapur, India: 25.12.2000.

N 807 – Garuda

N 212 – Holy Grail