17.Mother’s Play

By entering God’s nature
A wave of silence fell on me,
Made me completely peaceful inside.
Above me, a beautiful blue sky
Was enriched by the presence of the
Charms and heat of the sun.
The leaves of the trees and plants
By its rays, glowed smoothly.

Attractive was the deep red
Blossom of a pomegranate tree.
I was completely absorbed in this
Play and the performance of the nature,
In harmony with the all pervading source.

Suddenly unknowingly and unconsciously
I spoke out these words:
“Shri Mataji are You here?”
To my astonishment a voice answered:
“I am wherever you are.”

For a while I was without words and thoughts.
Was this a dream or my own imagination?
Then I realised it was Mother’s play,
To show that She is everywhere.

These words were repeated again
And again, continuously, without cessation,
Every time followed by a jump
Of all softening love, gladness and joy.

In the night these words came back
And made me extremely blissful.
Whenever these words came back they were
Accompanied by a flow of living light,
That brought me entirely in Mother’s
Realm, in the highest of all heavens.

And again without any expectation
Thoughtlessly, unknowingly and unconsciously
I said the following words:
“Shri Ganesha are You here?”
and a voice came with the answer:
“I am where My Mother is”.

With these words came my Brother
Who embraced me in all living love.

017 – Inspired: Belapur, India 28-11-2000 – On poem: Orroir, Belgium 16-6-2001.

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