14.Mother’s Eyes

Out of Thy infinite charity
And endless compassion,
Finally came the release
And the so long desired fulfilment.

Thy blessing hand slowly took away
The veil that made me blind for so long,
Making Thee unapproachable and invisible.

Thy eyes that previously gave
No visible and perceptible motion,
At present look as if they will speak.

Thy eyes, that previously were
In silence and without any expression,
At present look affably to invite.

The lustre of Thy charming eyes,
Brighten up at each veneration,
With an encouraging loving glance.
The sparkling brilliance of
This reflection takes me up in
Its indefinable mystery.

Boundless is Thy grace,
Illimitable is Thy mercy,
Immeasurable is Thy love.

In this profound cosmic stillness
Thou grant me the utmost, highest
Unwritten heavenly knowledge.
Nothing is to be asked for
As everything is there.
All those secret revelations
Come to me like sweet nectar,
Enriching, nourishing, teaching.

My extremely happy and deeper feelings
Reach the highest of regions,
Crying out “I thank Thee, O Mother”.

014 – Belapur, India: 27-10-2000.

N 125 – Radiance

N 323 – Divine Nourishment